Bye bye Halloween Hello Christmas

To be honest I do not even think that Halloween had happened and my local supermarket had its Christmas gifts and cards all out on display with tinsel and pictures of Santa. I was still painting my pumpkins teal and getting my non food treats ready for Halloween. Bah Humbug..

But now its November, no getting away from it now as it approaches fast . There is nowhere to hide, every shops has shelves bursting with goodies. Most of which are chocolates, sweets and all the things I cant eat and nor can some of my family.Negotiating the Xmas shelves looking for allergy friendly treats can be very stressful with sighs of giving up and leaving with a box of satsumas with a plastic holly leaf on the tag and a tray of medjool dates to gorge on in the car to alleviate the stress,or is that just me?

The magazines are full of recipes made with butter and eggs, cream and suet, pastries pies and cakes….AAARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHhhhh a gluten free, plant-based, free from nightmare!!!!!!

So, with a basket full of supplies I head to my kitchen to make all those Christmas favourite but tweaking recipes to make them gluten free and vegan. I will be doing this every week now in readiness for the big day when the family descend and I feel like I’m feeding an army. I will be sharing my recipes with you so you can relax and wow your family with tasty, allergy friendly food this festive season.


To get you started I have posted a gluten free egg free Yorkshire pudding recipe. If there are any recipes you loved but sadly can no longer eat, head over to my face book page Sara By Nature and let me know what it is, you never know i may already have a recipe that suits you dietary needs.