About me


Hello , my name is Sara and this is my journey.

I am  a mother of two beautiful girls who are now grown up and left home, one with her own beautiful family, which makes me a grandmother , although I prefer Nana. Both myself and my girls have had and have certain food intolerance’s, allergies and health conditions that have meant we have needed to omit certain food groups from our diet.Myself following a gluten and dairy free diet. My eldest can’t have peanuts,and kiwi and my youngest had childhood milk allergy which she grew out of by the age of 3. My grandchildren have also suffered with childhood milk allergies of which they have all grown out of.

So, as you can see I’m no stranger to dietary requirements. This is why, because of my experiences and gained personal knowledge I studied and trained and now work as a food allergy consultant, training catering staff in the importance of allergy management. I am also a recipe developer and help individuals have the foods they love without the harmful ingredients, for example making lasagne gluten and dairy free, a real treat if you can not have either food group and lasagne is your favourite dish.

I also now work on making foods sugar free without using artificial sweeteners. I myself do not have refined sugar foods. This can be a real challenge, but its fun experimenting.

I have for health reasons been gluten free for about 20 years and developed a dairy intolerance about five years ago. At the beginning of the year after many months not really eating any meat I decided, like many, to go totally vegan for January. Veganuary! I could not believe the change , After a short detox where I felt tired, ( more I think due to my body getting used to these changes and also recovering from a bust Christmas) I began to feel so well, my  sleeping improved, my skin, hair and nails changed over the month. I had more energy and did not feel sluggish. I didn’t realise that I had felt so very sluggish until that feeling stopped. I had felt it for so long I just thought it was normal. One month turned into two without conscious effort, the months just rolled by and here we are in August and I have never felt better. I can not believe the changes my diet has made to not only my health but on a totally holistic level. My mind , body and soul .A new chapter in my life and it feels fabulous!

As a recipe developer,food allergy consultant and also, someone who can’t have certain food groups for health reasons, I totally understand how difficult it is when you feel you are depriving yourself of something. When someone says you cant have it all of a sudden you want it all the more.  I wanted a diet that was not about the cant haves and depriving myself,  So my food had to be  exciting, colourful tasty and nutritionally  balanced. I wanted to feel that I was eating what I wanted when I wanted. I needed to learn as much as I could so I knew my diet was complete even though I didn’t have the traditionally thought of staples on my plate. Breaking all the rules I had been taught growing up. This journey has been so far, a huge learning curve on health and well-being , I have discovered and learnt so much and every day I learn something new.Not just about food but myself- It is exciting and enriching.

The most important thing I have learnt over the years is that you must listen to your body and just go with it. If its craving carbs or maybe spinach there is a reason- go with the flow, but listen to it.If a food makes you feel bloated or tired, there is a reason. Listen to your body,respect yourself, its the only body you get.We have the ability to heal ourselves  with food so we do not need all the medication. I manage several health conditions with my diet and no drugs. My dad says you are what you eat , and as a child I never really understood- but I do now! Eat real food and if you do not recognise an ingredients as food on a label, it probably isn’t. I try not to buy food in a packet and only food that my grandmother would recognise as food.

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Most of all enjoy your food, have fun. Share your recipes with friends and family, cook together, adapt recipes you have and my recipes to suit your own needs.  I hope you discover like me that foods can enhance your mind body and soul, making you feel fabulous from the inside out.


Care about what you cook, enjoy what you eat, share the love! x