Made with Love for Ourselves, Each Other and the Planet

Welcome to Sara By Nature. This is my Blog, my journey, my world of living a  fabulously free from gluten and  totally plant-based life. I hope you enjoy my recipes and thoughts. I have for health reasons been gluten free for about 20 years & developed a milk allergy about five years ago. At the beginning of 2016 after many months not really eating any meat I decided, like many, to go totally vegan for January. Veganuary! I could not believe the change , After a short detox where I felt tired, ( I think due to my body getting used to these changes and recovering from a busy Christmas) I began to feel so well, my  sleeping improved, my skin, hair and nails changed. I had more energy and did not feel sluggish. I didn’t realise that I had felt so  sluggish until that feeling stopped. One month turned into two without conscious effort, the months just rolled by and here we are and I have never felt better. I can not believe the changes my diet has made to, not only my health, but on a totally holistic level, giving not only a physical health but mental well-being. The most important thing I have learnt is that you must listen to your body and just go with it. If it’s craving a food there is a reason – go with the flow, but listen and learn. Most of all enjoy your food, have fun. Share your recipes with friends and family, cook together, adapt recipes you have to suit your own needs.  I hope you discover, like me, that foods can enhance your mind body and soul., making you feel fabulous from the inside out.

Care about what you cook, enjoy your food, feel the benefit, share the love. x